Hello World,

We are excited to announce that Open Coast has been acquired by Dukaan, an eCommerce software company that powers millions of online stores globally—they have raised over $17M from some of the top investors in the world like Matrix Partners, 640 Oxford Ventures, and others.

This remarkable news will shape the future of our company and the experiences we create together. It marks the beginning of an incredible new chapter for all of us.

At Open Coast, we have always strived to innovate, deliver exceptional products/services, and foster meaningful relationships with members of our community.

To our cherished customers: you have been the driving force behind everything we do. Your feedback, encouragement, and loyalty have inspired us to continually raise the bar. We want to assure you that this acquisition will only serve to enhance the quality, reliability, and innovation of our offerings. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences remains paramount, and with the backing of Dukaan, we will have even greater opportunities to exceed your expectations.

To our incredible team: you are the heart and soul of Open Coast. It is because of your talent, hard work, and resilience that we have achieved remarkable milestones. There are so many companies you could have worked for, but you chose us. Thank you for the late nights and dedication — your unwavering spirit will continue to be essential as we navigate the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

To our esteemed investors: it is your belief in our vision that has brought us to this pivotal moment. Your unrelenting support has allowed us to reach new heights and build a foundation of success. This acquisition represents a remarkable return on your trust and investment. We are thrilled to share this momentous occasion with you and look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together.

While change is inevitable, we want to assure you that our core values and commitment to excellence will remain steadfast. The acquisition will empower us to explore new avenues, expand our reach, and scale our operations in ways we couldn't have imagined. We are dedicated to preserving the essence of what made us special while embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for being an integral part of our journey. We are genuinely excited about what the future holds and the incredible possibilities that await us.


Omari Rigg
Founder & CEO