January 15, 2020
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How to close your eBay Store?

eBay is one of the popular online auction selling websites. You can go through different categories on the marketpalce like antiques, boats, clothing/accessories, computer hardware, watches, jewelry, and video games. If you see something you like, you click on the listing title and view the details of the product, including pictures, descriptions, payment choices, and delivery info. In any case, if you have a good idea of what you are searching for, you can search it utilizing basic keywords, for example, "Mac iPod," etc. When you create a user account eBay at no cost, you can get access to the entirety of your eBay purchasing and selling activities in a single area called "My eBay."  If for some reason you do not want to continue selling on your online eBay store, you can opt to close your eBay account. This is a very easy process if you just follow the steps correctly. Do keep in mind that there is a difference between closing and deleting your eBay store. Both are described below.

Closing your eBay store

If you close your eBay store, you will never again have the option to sell on the site or access my eBay. You will also lose your feedback as well as your buying and different sales history. If regardless of anything you still need to close your store, ensure that all of your charges are paid and your balance is zero. You do not have any ongoing or pending offers. For security reasons, you can not move or sell your eBay store to another proprietor. Though you can add an optional secondary contact to your records.

How exactly to close your eBay Store step by step

If you run your own eBay Store, you can decide to close it, rather than permanently erasing your eBay account. Before closing your eBay store do remember that your present auction listings, when joined with a fixed value choice, will stay active until their closure date comes or they are sold. If you have dropped your subscription during a free trial, any remaining membership charges will be added back to your account. To close your eBay Store, do the following steps;

·      Sign in to the “My eBay” webpage with your certifications. 

·       In the Account tab, click the Subscriptions link. 

·       Find the eBay Stores subscription under the rundown of your memberships that are active and click either Cancel Subscription or Change Level.

·       If you have Selling Manager or another selling tools or packaged memberships with your eBay Store, select the proper alternative to indicate whether you need to keep the memberships at the new month to month expense or withdraw.

·      Confirm dropping your eBay Stores membership by clicking the Close Store button.

Tip: Cancelling your eBay Store may influence your membership charges to different things like Selling Manager and the rate you follow through on for your fixed values listings. Upon closing your store, you can decide to end or keep all your fixed value listings

Important things to consider

If your store is no longer able to meet the minimum requirements, you will not have the option to close it until all procedures are followed. If the account has not been completely paid, eBay may keep on reaching you to collect the remaining charges. To guarantee that there is no payment or charges remaining in your account, simply make a one-time payment. When you issue an account closing request, the account balance must be zero. If any payment is owed to you, request a refund before closing your store. When you close your eBay Store, every single current listing will continue until their dates end or until all the things are sold. Remember that eBay does not delete your account right away. That is because there is a waiting period of roughly seven days to guarantee that any transactions you have made are setllted. After the waiting period, you will get an email confirming that your store has been closed. You may keep on getting messages from eBay for about fourteen days after your store is being closed. 

When your store finally gets shuttered, it can not be restored under a similar user name and email address. This is to prevent Sellers from trying to circumvent poor feedback by closing and re-opening an account. In addition, your Feedback profile will never again be accessible to other eBay individuals despite the fact that the feedback you have left for different clients will not get erased. If you will be away due to any reason for some time, you can also put your eBay Store on vacation instead of concluding it. You can amend your subscription plan also. Simply open it in a new window or tab if your business needs have changed. Active fixed value listings might be dependent upon standard charges after you close your eBay Store. If you close your eBay Store, eBay will preserve your settings for 30 days in any case if your mind changes and you need to reopen it.

eBay’s data retention policy

After your store closes, eBay may keep your information and personal information stored on its servers for a brief time period to help improve and customize their overall user experience. The company’s privacy policy indicates that it does not reveal your data to outsiders for promotional reasons without your permission. eBay keeps your own data as per its User Privacy Notice. This is important to consent to laws, prevent any fraud, get any charges that are owed, resolve issues, investigate issues, help with any investigation, implement their User Agreement, and take special action in an extenuating circumstance, within legal consideration. Be sure to read eBay's Privacy Policy and User Agreement for more information. For further details and queries, do not forget to connect with eBay through their Privacy Centre.

eBay’s response after closing the account

After the waiting time period of roughly seven days has terminated, you will get a message sent to your email address about the confirmation of your store closure. You cannot offer, make purchases, list items or change your contact data during the waiting t period. Despite this, you are still able to access your records and details on the web. After the waiting time period has lapsed, you will never again have the option to access your eBay account, your feedback profile will never again be accessible to different individuals and you would not have the option to get to your selling history. You will just get the affirmation message to the email address related to the store you are closing. To get messages on another location, you should change your email address in account settings before closing your store. A closed eBay account can not be revived using a similar email address or ID. To utilize eBay benefits, later on, you need to sign up for an eBay account using a different user name or email address than your old one. 

Closing the PayPal account

eBay spun off PayPal into its very own organization so your PayPal account will not be naturally deleted while closing your eBay store. After your PayPal account is closed, you will never again have the option to make any purchases by using the PayPal account or view your PayPal account history

Reasons for not closing eBay account

eBay will close your store or delete any related information if: 

·      Your record has an outstanding payment

·      You have a pending transaction, for example, open offers, pending installments, payouts to be handled to your financial balance or pending status.

·      Information related to an account should be held to detect, moderate, prevent, examine illegal or fraudulent actions

·      Information should be held for a reason required by law or appropriate jurisdiction.

·      Any court or lawful order convincing eBay to hold certain data.


How to delete your eBay account?

Deleting you eBay account is different. You can do this in the following steps;

1) First, you have to ensure that all of your pending expenses are paid and your account balance is zero. You can check your balance whenever you want if you sign in to the My eBay page, then click the Account tab. If your eBay account has been suspended or confined for abusing terms of service or some other explanation, you would not have the option to close it until all the issues have been settled. 

2) Once you are prepared to present an application to close your account on eBay, sign in with your eBay username and key at the fanatical “Close my eBay Account” webpage. Then click the Help Topics menu in the corner and type "close account" in the inquiry field. If your eBay ID is your email address, change it before mentioning cancellation. 

3) To close the account, you should initially disclose to eBay why you are leaving. To limit your decisions, select the reason that best matches the explanation you need to leave, select the explanation, at that point Click Continue. For example, the "Frustration using the website" category and choose "I do not like eBay's standards" as your purpose behind leaving eBay. In light of the chosen reason, eBay will furnish you with data about how you might have the option to tackle the issue you have to deter you from leaving eBay. 

4) Click the popup menu underneath the "Did this solve your problem?", select "No. Kindly close my account" from the menu and then click Continue. 

5) On the ‘Confirm Closure’ screen, read the notice about closing your record. To disclose to eBay that you've perused and gotten it, tick the popup alongside "I read and understand the above information,” then click the Close My Account button. 

6) Congrats, you have now fully indicated your intent to close your eBay online shop. After the company closes your record, you would not have the option to make another one under the same ID or email address again

How to deactivate your eBay seller account?

People who never again want to sell things on eBay can decide to keep their eBay account intact and deactivate their account. Doing so will not allow you to offer and make purchases; however, you will have a few limitations if you later need to sell things on eBay. To deactivate your eBay dealer account, follow the following steps.

1) Always be sure to craft a onetime payment if you have any outstanding charges and request a refund if regardless you have a credit in your account. You will also have to cancel any activated memberships.

2) Now login to “eBay's handle Your Payment Information” page through your account certifications to remove your installment data for your credit or platinum card or ledger. To expel all your installment strategies, select the All Payment Methods option on your account page, then click the Remove button. After this, your eBay store is no longer active and you can even now bid and purchase. 


When you have submitted an account closing demand on eBay, you won't have the option to get to your account or use it to purchase or sell on eBay.  This decision can feel final so it’s highly recommended that a lot of thought is put into this before moving forward. 

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