January 12, 2020
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How to Name an eBay Store: Top Ideas & Tips to Choose Yours

eBay is a web-based shopping website that is most popular for its sales and purchaser to customer deals. It is also incredibly well known for online traders to use as a business channel. eBay is accessible in a wide range of nations. However, you can look for items accessible in your local area by entering the postal division. On the other hand, you can also scan for items accessible broadly or globally. Anybody can open an eBay account for totally free. You can select to sell and also purchase items. So when you have a seller account, there are charges related to it. For instance, sellers have to pay listing fees. The fees change according to the price you sell your items for and also for how long you show them. 

An internet business eBay shop empowers sellers to show all their products in one spot. They look more like traditional online stores than as compared to single eBay listings. With eBay online stores, organizations can impart their image better using the pages they have customized themselves. A good eBay store name also plays an important role in lifting the image of your eBay online store in front of customers and clients. If you see a red door style symbol, beside a seller's client ID, click on it. This will take you straight to their eBay Shop. Sellers can get a benefit as much as possible from eBay's easy to use tools to make a storefront exactly how they want. It is very easy how to name an eBay store.

Importance of a name for your online eBay store

Having a strong name for your eBay store gives you a lot of benefits when you are first starting your store. If you need clients to have the option to discover you, talk about you and suggest you, you need a good store name, which ought to characterize what your identity is, distinguishes what you sell and help to intrigue customers. A store name is also the establishment of a trademark plan, which can be of important worth if you ever need to franchise or sell your business. A few people may think that store design and the prospect have a higher priority than the name. However, a decent store name unquestionably can not hurt your prospect. 

The name is the principal thing that individuals hear when they encounter your store. Great eBay store names are timely. The name plays an important role in the sales of your eBay store. It also helps you in getting customers who may return to you every time they need anything. This is because they will have the name of your store in mind.  As much as a decent store name brings up the development and significance of a start-up, the name is also an opportunity to make a meaningful interface with shoppers. Therefore, it ought to be something that is interesting to their sensibilities and something they will prefer to engage with for the future. 

Different Ideas for Naming your Online eBay Store

A good name for your eBay store can help your clients to remember you without any problem. It could mean free attention or it could support you and your future representatives to recall what you are selling. Many branding agencies charge a great deal of money for finding a name that is new, popular, industry-focused, impactful and isn't trademarked or registered. In any case, if you are beginning an online eBay store, you may have different priorities that do not allow you to spend that money on finding a suitable name. Go through good eBay store names to find a name for your store. Below are some ideas mentioned to keep in mind while choosing a name for your online eBay store.

1) Get motivation from folklore and literature

Do you have the energy for literature or history? Look no further than your Greek and Roman legends. For instance, ASUS (from the legendary winged pony Pegasus) and Nike (the goddess of Victory). A character, spot or item could also be a decent beginning for a name; like Starbucks or Samsonite. You just need to recall and do a little research.

2) Utilize foreign words

Regardless of whether your audience or buyers are situated in one area, a foreign- sounding name can be entirely noteworthy in your clients' local language. Simply take a look at Audi, AltaVista or Daewoo.

3) Use your name

In case you are not persuaded by other names, why not use your name for your eBay store? A significant number of the most notable brands are having their founder's or their proprietor's name, similar to Bayer, Boeing and Grundig. So you can do the same.

4) Use an icon

Another approach to thinking of a store name is to take an icon or a basic component of your work and make another name beginning from that word. Pixar, for instance, is a mix of the word pixel and the initials of one of its authors, Alvy Ray Smith. 

5) Make it a descriptive name

If you think about your startup, what is the single word, or pair of words that could depict what the business does best? Additionally, write every one of your alternatives on a paper and visualize your new logo or a banner with your new name on it. An example of a brand utilizing this procedure is the general store chain 7-Eleven, where the name mentions to you straight away what's important about this business and that is it is open from seven in the day to eleven at the night, consistently. 

6) Made-up words

If you are feeling somewhat inventive, you could take a stab at thinking of a new name. A portion of the present understood organizations have made-up names. Google, the most generally utilized web crawler, and Skype, mainstream media communications applications are only a couple of models. 

7) Two-word mixes

You can also use two words to shape one name for your eBay. Snapchat, a photograph informing application, and Soulcycle, a very good quality spin studio is a couple of the fruitful brands with two-word blends. 

8) Incorrect spellings

If your fantasy store name is taken, you could just spell it incorrectly by design. Simply ensure whatever name comes up can be articulated. Instances of such organizations incorporate Tumblr, which is a blogging application and Flickr, a photograph informing application. 

9) Look at your products from a different angle

Does your item help you to remember something different? Take a glance at it from various edges or ask your loved ones to mention to you what your item resembles. Blackberry and Caterpillar are only two examples of names made by using this system 

10) Tell the story behind your store

Does your eBay store have an extraordinary story behind it? Why not tell it with your store name? Names, for example, Kenvelo, Virgin, and Mozilla were similarly brought into the world. 

11) Discussion about what you have faith in

In any case that you do not care for the story though, you could utilize the name as an approach to remind yourself and any individual who works with you about what you have confidence in and why you are doing what you are doing. Minolta, for instance, signifies "your rule, what you have confidence in".

12) Commit a grammar mistake intentionally

These kinds of names can be somewhat risky, but don’t forget that this will be the store and “brand” that customers deal directly with for five or ten years and will contribute to your internet image. Quora, for instance, could be viewed as a fake plural of the Latin “quorum”.

Tips for Naming your online eBay Store 

Selling on eBay is a competitive business area. To win the challenge, you have to stand apart from the others. You should create your brand character. Also, your store name has a huge impact on this task. Subsequently, you have to try your best to pick the best one. 

 Here are some tips for choosing an eBay store name:

1) Use points of interest only

Try not to utilize a nonexclusive name that does not mean anything. Like names that exploit subtleties, for example, numbers and days. Tim Ferriss found a quite explicit and convincing name for his book "The 4-Hour Work Week." Other titles that use numbers to concentrate on specific points include "8 Minute Abs" and "5-hour Energy”. 

2) Early introduction

A store name is a principal glimpse the customer gets of what it tends to offer. It is essential to pick the correct store name to use, especially in the beginning when you are starting out. It is so essential to marketing and promoting. You can create a store name, however, will it succeed? So why not to choose a name for your eBay store that gives an introduction to your products.

3) Check Availability

When you think of a name, the principal thing you ought to do is check the accessibility of that name. Putting blinders on and disregarding your surroundings could wind up being a costly or humiliating error. Watch that the domain name is accessible for your eBay store. In the present web-based economy, it would be a calamity to enroll a brand name, just to discover that somebody has just gathered up the entirety of your space alternatives. This is one of the advantages of working with an organization that furnishes an across-the-board-bundle with the brand name, space, and logo integrated. A practical approach is to consider a name and run some targeted keywords searches on eBay.  Put your store name in quotes and direct a bunch of inquiries. Search for any outcomes that may require further examination. 

4) Unique names

Standing apart from your competitors is imperative on eBay. If your online store has a name that is like your rival's one, clients could easily mix up both of you. This could be problematic and result in a significant loss of customers. You may also confront some lawful outcomes if you accidentally pick some copyrighted names. In this case, you have to do some research in the market to avoid these undesirable outcomes and come up with a name that is unique and different—and most importantly not taken. 

5) SEO Friendly

SEO is an ideal tool to drive organic traffic to your online eBay store. If your site is SEO-friendly and your item pages are appropriately tagged, it will pay off soon. However, if you figure out how to integrate your keywords into your store's name, it has the potential to improve your business. It is particularly important if you are a newcomer. In any case, it might be precarious to think of an SEO friendly name. 

6) Domain does not matter

You should not invest energy in finding the correct domain. It is ideal to be able to find a domain name that matches your image name, yet at times that is more difficult than one might expect. An excessive number of stores are considering their alternatives with a domain name. You should grapple with a new reality that domains essentially do not make a difference as much as they once did. Indeed, your real name is a higher priority than having a similar name for the domain. Take your time in choosing the appropriate name.


Giving a catchy name to your eBay store matters a lot as it not only affects your traffic but also sales and number of customers. Tips for choosing a store name and eBay store name ideas have been mentioned above. So choose a name that is easy and most importantly feels good to you. 

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