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We’ve designed our system to be as user-friendly and simple as possible. Whether you’re a Supplier or Retailer, getting set up and growing your business has never been easier
step 1 - HOW IT WORKS

Import Products

Upload product feed using your supported Cart or CMS (Shopify, Magento, etc). Once merchandise is imported, make sure all images, prices descriptions are up to date and accurate.

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step 2 - HOW IT WORKS

Complete Full Seller Profile

Fill out a few more details about your company like logo, how you want to be notified with orders and how you’d like to accept payments from us. This also gives interested Retailers more info about your business.

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step 3 - HOW IT WORKS

Retailer Selects Item, Their Customers Purchase

Once a retailer selects your items, they’ll move it to their store or marketplace for final sale. When an end customer places an order for the item, you’ll be notified.

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step 4 - HOW IT WORKS

Receive Payment

Once the Retailer pays for the good, you’ll see the funds immediately in your Wallet. We’ll release those funds to your bank account once the period for Returns has passed.

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step 5 - HOW IT WORKS

Fulfill Orders

If shipping domestically, please include a return label. If international we’ll handle the Returns process. Be sure to also input tracking # into your order dashboard so packages can be monitored effectively.

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step 1 - HOW IT WORKS

Get Integrated

Once you sign up, it’s important to get synced up with our system in order to be able to migrate items from our platform to yours and get orders sent to the supplier automatically. We’ve made this process very easy!

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step 2 - HOW IT WORKS

Search, Select, and Sell

Find the right items by searching by brand, category or use other filters. Once products are selected, you should price them in a way that will appeal to your customers. And lastly, migrate everything to your e-store with one click.

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step 3 - HOW IT WORKS

Receive Orders

Once your end customers make a purchase, you and the supplier will be notified instantly. The product is shipped once you submit payment.

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step 4 - HOW IT WORKS

Make Payment

Your order total covers everything including shipping. But if there are any customs or duties charges for your customers you’ll know ahead of time and be able communicate it to them to avoid any surprises.

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step 5 1 - HOW IT WORKS

Shipping & Returns

Every item comes with a tracking # which you can pass along to your customers. If a customer needs to do a return, be sure to refund them once they’ve followed all instructions for item returns.

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