Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was Open Coast founded?

    Our goal as a company is to empower the global consumer by making a range of merchandise available to anyone in any country. We believe in universal access to products by centralizing a global community of buyers and sellers.

  • Where are your offices?

    We are headquartered in Brooklyn, New York with other offices in Delhi, India and Singapore.

  • Is Open Coast really free?

    Yes, membership on our marketplace is completely free. Whether you’re a Supplier or a Retailer, you will never pay a subscription, monthly or transaction fee. We are one of the few cross-border marketplaces in the world that does this. Our goal is to help you grow your business, everything else is secondary.

  • How is Open Coast set up to support the international community?

    Making our marketplace stretch to every corner of the globe is one of our primary missions. To help achieve this, we now support over 100 currencies. Our platform also allows for over 10 languages and that number is growing as we continue to expand into new markets.

  • How does dropshipping work and what are the advantages?

    Dropshipping is a fast growing business model and we believe it is the future of retail. It allows a Retailer to sell in-stock inventory without having to physically carry that inventory which allows for a wider product offering. Check out the ‘How it Works’ tab to get more insight.

  • Can an account get suspended?

    Unfortunately, yes it can. We hope all the participants conduct themselves in a professional manner but if Suppliers are missing shipments, Retailers aren’t completing purchases or we detect attempts to take transactions offline—all of these offenses can lead to an indefinite account suspension. But we hope it doesn’t come to that!

  • What's the Return Policy?

    Open Coast does not have a universal return policy. Instead this varies from supplier to supplier so if you are an eRetailer pay close attention to these policies before selecting products to sell.

  • Can Suppliers and Retailers within the same country be connected, or is it only international?

    Domestic transactions between Suppliers and Retailers in the same country are certainly welcomed through our Marketplace. In fact, domestic transactions are just as a common as international ones; it’s all about what makes the most sense for your business.

  • Why have you partnered with the One Tree Planted?

    We are committed to sustainability and trying to preserve the well being of our planet which has been in gradual ecological decline. As a marketplace, we understand that the shipping and transportation of merchandise globally has adverse effects on the environment, so as a socially responsible company, we’ve decided to partner with organizations like One Tree Planted to reduce our environmental impact. We do this through planting Trees for every package shipped through our platform.

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